About the Foundation

About us

Khind Starfish Foundation (KSF) was established by KHIND HOLDINGS BERHAD (Khind), a public­listed company on Bursa Malaysia to carry out corporate responsibility (CR) projects and activities of the Khind Group in Malaysia.

Since 1961, KHIND ­ a manufacturer and marketer of consumer and industrial electrical products, has been involved with various charitable and socially­responsible initiatives in the country through its group of companies. The establishment of the Khind Starfish Foundation allows the Company and its subsidiaries to better manage all its corporate responsibility initiatives with the aim that it will spark the 'spirit of volunteerism' from within, and also encourage like­minded companies to follow suit in 'giving back' to society.

Our Vision

The Foundation's premise is: "We deliver happiness"

Objectives of the Foundation

To organize, carry out and support schemes for the relief of poverty, distress and human suffering, improvement of the standard of human life and treatment of sickness, diseases, mental or physical illness, disorders and disabilities

To carry out, aid, assist or support schemes to improve living conditions, provide relief to and maintain the well­being and improve the welfare of poor, needy, distressed, disadvantaged or deprived communities; and

To organize, carry out, facilitate or support initiatives or measures in connection with the promotion of culture, arts and heritage.

Why Khind Starfish Foundation?

The decision to name the Foundation ­ Khind Starfish Foundation is from the inspirational story about a young boy and an old man at the beach. The young boy is trying to throw back a starfish that was washed up onto the beach to save it. The old man was worried that the young child would not be able to make much of a difference since there were thousands of starfishes on the beach.

The child picked up another starfish, and threw it back to the sea, and said: "I can make a difference to this one". The old man, touched by the kind act of this young child, decided to help him. Their action attracted other people to the beach. After sometime, more and more people joined them in throwing starfishes back to the sea. Finally, they were successful in saving all the starfishes.

This unique parable inspired Mr. Cheng Ping Keat (P K Cheng), Chairman of the Foundation to establish the Khind Starfish Foundation on a similar basis where the actions of many kind people, albeit small ­ can make a difference in delivering happiness to those in need of assistance.

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