About Khind Starfish Foundation

Khind Starfish Foundation (KSF) was established by KHIND HOLDINGS BERHAD (Khind) in 2013, a public ¬listed company on Bursa Malaysia to carry out corporate responsibility (CR) projects and activities of the Khind Group in Malaysia.

The establishment of the Khind Starfish Foundation allows the Company and its subsidiaries to better manage all its corporate responsibility initiatives with the aim that it will spark the 'spirit of volunteerism' from within, and also encourage like­minded companies to follow suit in 'giving back' to society.

Projects for Happiness is an initiative by Khind Starfish Foundation for all undergraduates to use their creativity to design projects and employ innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on six areas, education, poverty eradication, cultural & performing arts, environmental protection, animal welfare & racial harmony. 

Bald & Beautiful 3.0
About Bald & Beautiful 3.0

First launched in 2012, Bald & Beautiful is a significant head­shaving event that raises funds and spreads awareness of cancer by Khind Starfish Foundation. Every shaven head represents an understanding by an individual of the ordeals that a patient with cancer is subjected to.
Through the Bald & Beautiful campaign, we aim to:
  1. Raise awareness of cancer in Malaysia.
  2. Offer a public demonstration of moral support to cancer patients and their families.
  3. Tell patients with cancer that it’s ok to be bald.
  4. Raise funds to help patients with cancer, and their families.
  5. Build a community of support for patients with cancer, and their families.
Why Bald & Beautiful 3.0?
All funds raised from the Bald & Beautiful campaign contributes to run the vital services provided for the cancer patients and their families.
This year, we hope to encourage at least 2,000 participants to join our cause and raise 2 million to aid children and families impacted by cancer.

Funds raised from Bald & Beautiful 3.0 will be utilized to support the following institutions: