Gerontechnology Lab at Monash University

Date: 18 Feb 2016
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Monash University

Monash University Malaysia launched its Gerontechnology Lab on February 18, to serve as a platform for ongoing research in the area of gerontechnology.  

“Gerontechnology” comes from the words “Gerontology” and “Technology” and implies the marrying of the two interdisciplinary field of scientific research in which technology is directed towards the aspirations and opportunities for the older persons. With this focus, the gerontechnology Lab at Monash University Malaysia strives to conduct quality gerontechnological research.

The Gerontechnology Lab is a collaborative effort between the schools of business, IT, health sciences, medicine, arts, social sciences and engineering. The lab consists of the Living Hall Station, Kitchen Station, Cognitive Station and Health Station. Construction of the lab cost RM50,000 and was funded by Khind Starfish Foundation.

“It is great to have the opportunity to work with Monash to set up this lab and to come up with something useful for the country, not just for research purposes but as a resource centre for the public to better understand gerontechnology,” says Cheng Ping Keat, Chairman of Khind Starfish Foundation.

Cheng says companies should engage in CSR not just for philanthropy’s sake, but because it is the way forward in doing business and to remain relevant to the community.