RM 103,271 to support 16 happiness initiatives

Date: 25 Jul 2016
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Khind Wellness center

Shah Alam, July 25th, 2016 – Khind Starfish Foundation, a non­profit foundation established in late 2013, today celebrated the culmination of its main initiative for 2015.  Titled “Projects for Happiness” saw 16 community­based projects celebrated at an intimate sharing event.

Speaking at the event, Mr Cheng Ping Keat, Chairman of Khind Starfish Foundation said: “Today’s final presentation is the culmination of the efforts of 16 different university student groups in bringing happiness to Malaysians.  Khind Starfish Foundation is proud and pleased that it has partnered with these students to bring a little happiness to less fortunate Malaysians in 2015.  With “Projects for Happiness 2015”, we wanted to impact the lives of Malaysians who were socio­economically challenged.  A total of RM103, 271 was handed out to help fund these 16 projects.


‘Projects for Happiness’ aims were to encourage the spirit of volunteerism among Malaysian university students.  We wanted to instill in the minds of these young individuals that in a world of increasing materialism where success is measured by wealth, we wanted to encourage university students to see success as the ability to bring a little happiness to the lives of those less fortunate through community­based volunteer projects,” said Cheng.


“Projects for Happiness” is an initiative by Khind Starfish Foundation for Malaysian undergraduates to design, manage and execute grassroots projects for the year 2015 – anywhere in Malaysia – to promote happiness and address the root cause of poverty and poor education.  University student applicants were  asked to use their creativity to design projects and employ proven innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on education, poverty eradication and cultural & performing arts.  Through an independent selection process, each successful project was accorded with a fund of RM10,000.  


Khind Starfish Foundation hopes to inspire to be innovative and create entrepreneurship in uplifting the lives of those who are socio­economically challenged through sustainable community initiatives. The overall programme covers nationwide in its scope and impact.  It is the Foundation’s belief that youth leaders of today ought to be challenged to ‘think about giving back to society’ in their own way.


“We are heartened by the initial success of ‘Projects for Happiness 2015’.  Even more satisfying is to see the dedication and effort of these 16 student groups in sparkling a little happiness to the lives of those who were socio­economically challenged.


“It is our hope that we will see Khind Starfish Foundation partner many more universities, private colleges, and students in helping communities uplift their lives socially and economically,” remarked Cheng.