Bald & Beautiful 3.0 Cancer Awareness & Fundraising Campaign Soft Launch

Date: 31 Jul 2018
Time: 11.00 am
Location: Eco Ardence Shah Alam

ORGANISING the third Bald & Beautiful cancer awareness campaign this coming Oct 6, the Khind Starfish Foundation will not only be using the Bald & Beautiful 3.0 campaign as a vehicle for cancer awareness, instead, the non­profit organisation will also be raising funds for cancer research. 
Keeping with the campaign slogan of "Go Bald. Raise Fund. Spread Love", Bald & Beautiful 3.0 will concurrently be shaving the heads of volunteers as a show of support for cancer victims, survivors and their families. 

The objectives of the campaign are as follows: 
1. Raise RM2,000,000 to help cancer patients, their families and cancer research projects. Funds raised will then be channelled to support the following organisations: 
i. Cancer Research Malaysia 
ii. Sarawak Children's Cancer Society 
iii. Kuching Life Care Society 
2. Get 2,000 participants to go bald. 
3. Push further cancer awareness through talks such as: 
i. Dealing with the terminally ill by palliative care activist Fong Yee Leong. 
ii. Sharing of experiences from cancer patients and family members. 
iii. Cancer research and prevention by Cancer Research Malaysia. 

Registration to participate in BB 3.0 is now open. Kindly register online at 
For more information, email or call 03­78392163/03­78392075/03­78392141

Photo caption: (from left) Pallative care activist Fong Yee Leong, Kuching Life Care Society founder Hung Sung Huo, Khind Group CEO Cheng Ping Keat, Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society ex­president Rodney Wong, Cancer Research Malaysia CEO Prof Dr Teo Soo Hwang and Terengganu Chinese Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Vincent Ng, Melaka Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Youth Division Aaron Chin, Eco Ardence manager Ryan Au Yong, Fiffy Sdn Bhd representative Lee Siew Mui and Kelantan Young Entrepreneurs Section Kong Yean Koon at the soft launch of Bald & Beautiful 3.0.