KHIND HOLDINGS BERHAD LAUNCHES FOUNDATION - Allocates RM1,000,000 to Projects for Happiness

Date: 26 Mar 2014
Time: 10.00am - 12:00pm
Location: The Saujana Hotel, Zamrud room

On 26 March 2014 ­ KHIND HOLDINGS BERHAD , officially launched its Foundation. Named "KHIND STARFISH FOUNDATION" , this newly­established tax­exempt foundation will be responsible for managing the entire corporate responsibility (CR) programmes undertaken by the Khind Group within Malaysia.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Chairman of the Foundation and also Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Khind, P K Cheng said: "In today's fast­paced world of wanting to progress and become more affluent, we often forget that there are amongst us those who are unable for whatever reason due to unfortunate circumstances ­ have been left behind in the surge to attain success. Whether it is the poor, the forgotten, and even those that are in need of financial assistance ­ Khind understands that in its own small way can help alleviate these peoples' suffering by providing much needed support. "

"And so, today ­ I am pleased and proud to say that we have established a tax­exempt foundation called 'KHIND STARFISH FOUNDATION' that allows our Company to undertake various programmes that help those that are in need of assistance are not forgotten," said Cheng.

He went on to say that the objectives of Khind Starfish Foundation are: to carry out projects to help improve living conditions; provide relief to and maintain the well­being of poor, needy and distressed, disadvantaged or deprived communities; as well as supporting Malaysian arts and cultural performances.

As part of Khind Starfish Foundation's first major initiative, Cheng also announced the launch of "Projects for Happiness" ­ a corporate responsibility (CR) project that will provide funding to local undergraduate students from public and private institutions of higher learning to undertake various community­based programmes that seeks to help the less fortunate and socially­challenged members of society.

"Khind Starfish Foundation will be allocating a total sum ofRM1,000,000 over the next three (3) years to help fund and kick­start "Projects for Happiness". Our planned goal is to be able to assist more than 100 community­based projects. It is our belief "Projects for Happiness" which focuses on working with undergraduate students ­ is the first­of­its­kind in Malaysia. We are proud, excited and hopeful that as this community project gains greater traction, Khind Starfish Foundation will attract more and more students from institutions of higher learning to participate in the future.

"Project for Happiness" is a student volunteer programme to select 30 worthy local community­based grass roots projects that promotes happiness and addresses the root causes of poverty and poor education in a sustainable manner.

"We welcome undergraduate student applicants to use their creativity to design projects that employ innovative techniques for engaging local communities focusing on education, poverty eradication and cultural and performing arts. Through this volunteer programme among universities and colleges in Malaysia, projects will be selected for funding up to a maximum of RM10,000 each," added Cheng.

Cheng also announced an eminent persons judging panel comprising: Mr Anas Zubedy; Mr Paul Kam; Mr Ding Lee Leong; and Dr Sia Ah Hiok to select the initial 30 projects for the inaugural "Projects for Happiness" programme in 2014.

The selection of projects by the eminent persons judging panel will begin end of May 2014 and the successful projects selected for funding are expected to be announced some time end of June 2014. Undergraduate students who wish to participate in "Projects for Happiness" can do so by visiting its

"The overall program is intended to be nationwide in scope and impact. We believe that our youths, who will be potential leaders of tomorrow, ought to be challenged to 'think about giving back to society' in their own way, and hopefully carry forward this admirable behaviour as each of them progresses in their own future," remarked Cheng.

He hopes that "Projects for Happiness" will be a positive catalyst that will make a difference to the less fortunate and bring a little ray of happiness to their lives.

Present at today's launch were also the Board of Trustees of Khind Starfish Foundation; representatives and students of the various institutions of higher learning; and Khind's business partners.