About Khind Starfish Foundation

On 26th March 2014, KHIND officially launched the Khind Starfish Foundation (KSF), dedicated to delivering happiness and making a positive difference to the community in Malaysia. Over the years, the Foundation remains steadfast in giving back to the society through various efforts in six focus areas: helping the underprivileged community, quality education, arts and culture, animal welfare, environment protection, and racial harmony.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Projects for Happiness – KSF has sponsored 125 projects and collaborated with more than 40 public and private universities in Malaysia.
  • Bald and Beautiful 3.0 ­­ a total of RM 2.1 million was raised from this cancer awareness campaign, which all fund raised was channeled to support Cancer Research Malaysia, Kuching Life Care Society and Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society.  Besides, a total of 1650 participants went bald in supporting cancer patients.
  • Cancer Research Fund contributed a total of RM 80,000 to Cancer Research Malaysia.
  • Sponsorships were given to performing arts groups such as the Hands Percussion, Dua Space, Toccata Studio and Sasaran Art Association to promote Malaysian culture, arts and heritage.
  • Local community services at various orphanages, old folks homes, and welfare centers on the Klang Valley.
  • Educational initiatives such as funding the set­up of Gerontechnology Lab at Monash University Malaysia, and a children’s mini library for the Orang Asli community in Gombak.
  • Green initiatives such as cleaning up Sekinchan rice fields, Redang beach, school, village and planting tree at Sekinchan.
  • Conservation of firefly by sponsoring to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia in mapping the firefly distribution and identifying its natural habitat along the Selangor River.